More pictures and display board is in stock

More pictures are on the website and the display holder is in stock now :slight_smile:

Also, did you know that you can mount the display boar right onto FEZ Rhino? You only need some plastic spacers.
See this image [url][/url]

See FEZ Rhino page for all images…

If you are lucky enough to have a FEZ Rhino of your own, take some picture and show us what you are doing :wink:

Looks great!

On a side note, when is the 7" screen picture going to be up for the Cobra?

7" was going first but we switched gears because we needed this one first (needed to complete the enclosure design)

So maybe another week :wink:

I wonder if the brochure needs updating with the 6v power supply. I noticed the overall Rhino picture shows the power-in connector is still tagged as 7-12v, where the recomended supply is now 6v. Might be a touch confusing?

I think Rhino is okay with 9V or even 12V since not much current is needed like Cobra. I guess it is something that we need to double check anyway

the brochure has the 6v warning on page 1, with the 7-12v tag on the image - just thought from consistency perspective it should be clarified.