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More legs for the spider?


Good day all.

I’m so close to getting the spider, but am curious; Is this an easy interface to extend?

ie. If I was looking to add a small audio board, custom LED array, sensor array, 3-axis sensor, etc, is this possible to write?

Does the C# get run fast enough to consider writting continuous IO?

Thanks! ;D


You can add modules, there are multiple ways to do it. Gadgeteer interface (daisy chain), something like a three pin eblock, SPI, I2C, GPIO etc.

It all depends on your harware knowledge and ability. Alternatively you just need to watch out for these sensors to be made available by GHI or one of the others in the Gadgeteer ecosystem.

Could you give more detail on “continuous IO”

Welcome to TinyCLR :slight_smile:


I just happened to mention a few sensors that might actually be added by GHI, but I’m meaning if I wanted to add modules that wouldn’t normally be made for it.

Like a connection to an FPGA, or sending output to a dedicated HDMI board, things normally used to extend an FPGA board.


All the following connectivity are supported and you should be able to use to connect

Analog Out
SD Interface
USB Host


Great, thanks!