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More kinect!



With all thoses videos showing the capabilities of the kinect, I can just imagine that game editors are working hard on this and we will see some of the results in the next couples of months!


Yes, this is the first hardware of its kind (prototype if you will) and it is amazing. This will be just better and better in a year or two.


Aw, bummer, I saw the title and was hoping it would be a keyboard, as in used for typing.

Guess I’ll have ot look into it and see how much processing power it really needs. My ChipworkX right here… ;D


I LOVE kinect :smiley: :o


What the community is lacking is someone with good image processing experience…take his/her image processing lib, compile into RLP then drop on ChipworkX with a Kinect…sounds good to me :slight_smile:


Amazing! ;D


Sounds good to me too, but who is that special person we are missing? ::slight_smile:


I am sure some of us are already do :wink:


DAVE … what are you doing … DAVE ?

while the eye of the kinect also color red?


You lost me with that one :think:


:o You haven’t ever watched 2001: A Space Odyssey??


Long time ago. Netflix here I come!


I’d pick that up before too many people find out… you might get your geek card revoked. :wink:


LOL. Nobody can take that from me! :wink: :smiley: