More "Industrial NETMF"

Profiting of Justin post about NETMF industrial IoT projects, here are some pictures of a greenhouse remote management system we recently set up.


Looks cool, thanks for sharing.

What NetMF module are you using? Looks like you have a whole comms board with various IO options.

Nice project :clap:

@ kiwi_stu : Thanks :smiley:

@ hagster : We used a couple of custom boards built over STM32F4: the “sensor box” takes advantage of a STM32F405 and aXBee-Pro module, while the “gateway box” includes our SO-DIMM module, containing both an STM32F427 and a PSoC co-microcontroller ([url] hosted on a custom carrier board embedding a XBee-Pro module and Ethernet connector (we have also other options for wireless communication in addiction, not in substitution, to ZigBee, i.e. Wi-Fi through ESP-8266-based module and BLE through TI CC2540-based module).