More I/O with the Cobra


I would like to know if GHIElectronics has desgined a extension board wich can connected in place of the graphical display ?
I need more I/O than we have on the main connector.
Thank you for your answer

I don’t think so, but you can always use a multiplexor or shift register if you just need more IO.

More IOs?! How many?

About 20 it’s for a robot…

So total you need 50+ IOs?!

In fact I have designed the robot. And my problem is I need moere I/O for more sensors…
(Hall sensors, IR sensors, Communications between the robot and the PC and the motor controller (2xRS232), command a lift, command more servos with PWM, color detectors and so on…
The connector on the FEZ cobra is totally used… with the buttons and the IO71 is not usable.
See the photo
RS232 x2 = 4bits
HAll sensors = 3 bits
Colors sensors x2 = 8 bits
PWM for the servos = 3 bits
OWM for the lift motor = 1 bit
Direction of the lift = 1bit
US detector x2 = 8 bits
IR barrier inside the robot 4 bits
Display used graphic (128*8 lines) 4 bits
ADC 1 bit
IR TV sensor 1 bit
So All connections are used. Why not use the LCD connector with these 24 I/O ?

If you count the total of bits are quick used… and if I want add more sensors I must use the LCD connector …

You can use I2C IO expanders for that.

Very impressive. You can use the io40 eblock to get another 40 IOs


THank you for your posts. I’ts exactly what I looking for ! :slight_smile: