More Hands On Gadgeteer Labs in Calgary

You have heard me rave about it endlessly, you have seen examples of devices built with Gadgeteer, now is your chance to get hands on with Gadgeteer as we walk through build a couple of projects leading up to building an RFID controller for a locking device (like what is at your office or your keyless entry on cars).

You can bring your own laptop provided you have everything preloaded (see below for requirements) or there will be Surface 3 Pro’s available which have everything preloaded for you to use.

This is intended to be a youth friendly session, so if your youth understands Visual Studio and would like to build a .NetMF based device in C# they would be most welcomed.

Due to popularity of these sessions, I have setup 2 more labs May 27th and June 3rd and you can register for those on the Microsoft Store site.

May 27th

June 3rd

If you know of a school, company or any other organization which would like a Hands On Gadgeteer Lab, please let me know and we will organize something for them.

I am considering a number of additional sessions including

  • IoT with Gadgeteer and Azure (this one will happen I just need to know how many people are interested so I know how much hardware I’ll need).

  • Open Tinker/Maker sessions (crate of Gadgeteer mainboards and sensors, your imagination and some help/guidance if you need it)

  • Gadgeteer and Robotics (this one would be over a couple of days as we cover control of DC motors, Servos, wireless communications, sensors, etc and build your own rover).

  • Building game devices with Gadgeteer, like Pac-Man, Master Mind, or other games?

Please let me know which sessions you would be interested in attending.

If you are planning to bring your own laptop can you ensure that you have Visual Studio installed and then install

1 .Net Micro Framework SDK v4.3 (QFE2-RTM) from

  1. Install VS20xx Project System for your version of Visual Studio (I’ll be using 2013) from the same location

  2. Install .NET Gadgeteer Core 2.43.1000 from

  3. Install GHI Electronics NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5 from

  4. To really beef up the selection of modules install NETMF 4.3 Discontinued Gadgeteer Module Drivers from

And you should be good to go!!!

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By the way, if you use the 2015 R1 then you do not need the discontinued modules sdk :wink:

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@ Duke Nukem - IoT and Tinker sessions would interest me, I want to get my little plant monitor to the next level! Actually, they all interest me!

The IoT session is likely the next session coming up as I’m going to ask for a chunk of time on a Saturday somewhere to do this one as its a little more involved. I thinking it will be about a three hour session of Gadgeteering and Azure and definitely not a 100 level class like my current hands on lab as we would be rocking hard for three hours. I’m hoping to start that one sometime in July depending on Lake conditions :slight_smile:

Working out an idea for the Gadgeteer Robotics sessions as well that has me excited as well. Once I get it laid out with a bit more detail I’ll see if anyone is interested in it.