More GHI goodness from ThatConference

Had a chance to be interviewed by David Giard for his Technology and Friends video podcast:


Got to show off Cerbuino Bee, BrainPad, Spider, and FEZ HAT.

Let me know what you all think!


@ devhammer - They focus their camera about as good as I do mine. :whistle:

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Great job again! Keep it coming!

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Heh. I think Dave was using the soft focus to make me look better. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Ian!

He did quite the good job then… 8)

Or to hide his dress… :whistle:

I’m curious… Does Dave work for Ch 9 or do they just let evangelist post their own videos out there? The quality was rather “low budget” for Ch 9.

Dave is a field Technical Evangelist, which is the same role I had at Microsoft. While there are many Channel 9 shows that are more polished and professional, there are other series that are more guerrilla-style.

Technology and Friends is a well-established brand that Dave has been doing for many years, and he recently brought it to Channel 9. Most of his interviews are done using a tripod, so they’re a bit more stable. In this case, since I had gear to show off, and wasn’t going to be able to set my gear back up after my talk, Dave stopped in for a few minutes before my session to get the video recorded.

Another great interview, thanks :clap:

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Too funny…just finally got a chance to listen to this…sounds like Dave’s audio recorder picked up the signal from my heart rate rig. :slight_smile:

FYI, added a comment with links to the GHI Pi boards, the forums, and of course @ mcalsyn’s awesome Scratch for .NET!

Remember folks…more views and comments means more likelihood that Channel 9 will continue to publish and promote material related to the topics we hold near and dear, so spread the word. :wink:

@ Gus - We should see about getting you on with Dave. Given that his roots are in Michigan (though I think he’s Chicago-based now), I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to talk him into it.

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He was at the last Microsoft “meetup” that I went to, he is really easy to get into touch with.

Agreed. Dave is a great guy, and super-accessible.