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More free online classes from Stanford


The Lean Launchpad
by Steve Blank

Technology Entrepreneurship
by Chuck Eesley

Computer Science 101
by Nick Parlante

Machine Learning
Andrew Ng

Software Engineering for Software as a Service
by Armando Fox and David Patterson

Human-Computer Interaction
by Scott Klemmer

Natural Language Processing
by Dan Jurafsky and Chris Manning

Game Theory
by Matthew Jackson and Yoav Shoham

Probabilistic Graphical Models
by Daphne Koller


theres also a Cryptography class

again!, more classes from Stanford and two Prof. from Berkeley. this is getting good :slight_smile:


Another one

Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
by Tim Roughgarden


Wow Architect you finally got the King tittle :slight_smile: As sıɹɥɔ is not as active as he was before gaining the title i hope you will keep up your contribution work :wink: gratz


Really?! :o
Wow,I haven’t even noticed. Thank you.
I thought ranks were canceled/frozen. Sweet. ;D


All hail the King!!!


Anybody thinking about taking Technology Entrepreneurship?


I am thinking about it.


@ Architect - you’ve done one of these type of classes already, correct? I would love to hear what you thought of it. Let me know if you do go for that one, as I could easily be convinced to sign up and collaborate on a uC related project.

BTW - in the entrepreneurial spirit, have you cranked out a batch of any of your GT modules to sell yet?


I am actually in the process of taking 3 classes at the moment. Just passed midterm on AI. One thing for sure is 3 classes is a big stretch. I will not do so many at a time anymore. One or two maximum. But I really like it especially AI and Machine Learning. Learning a lot!

As for the GT modules. Having these 3 classes is one of the reasons I don’t have any free time left to do it yet. But I still would love too. I hope with the new production line GHI will offer some kind of service that I can use to make it happen.


Yah, I’m halfway through an online MS in Managing IT with a local college and am taking a break from that. I tried two courses at once for awhile and had no life outside of work/school for too long. I would rather be inventing some new board in my basement that everybody wants, to pay for this hobby :wink: Not sure I’m really management material, either…


I concur. I was already taking one class at a local university that I’m paying for when the AI & ML classes started up. I was really caught off guard by how much time was going to be needed to watch all the videos and then the homework (including learning a new programming language). Travel caused me to be unavailable for two weekends in a row. That combined with a heavy work load from the day job & the class I’m paying for was too much to try and keep up in the online classes. I’ll probably just take the ML class again next semester. I would really prefer they stretch the classes out a full semester (3ish months) instead of compressing them down into two months.