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More detail on the product page


If possible, I recommend GHI put more detail on the product page, such as the data sheet of the sensor.
For example, if I want buy your Accel G248 Module, but in your product page you only provides less information, for example

Socket: I
Size: 19mm x 17mm
Weight: 2g
3.3V Consumption : <1mA
5V Consumption: 0mA
Includes one Gadgeteer cable

This kind of information is not enough for many custom who want to buy it.
Customer may want to know the resolution, the sensitivity, the Noise RMS…
But you don’t tell him what sensor you are used.
Ok, if the customer buy this back, then find the sensor is not useful, it should waste customer’s money.


We are adding developer guides under every product, which includes all details you need.


Thanks Gus, do you mean “Resources” or will have a new tap under the product?


Yes, some code example for G248 would be great. I bought one for the Cerbot to make it balance, which was the module recommended on the Cerbot page.
In retrospect I should have bought the Seeed version because there is code available to play with.


I bought the seed module, because the G248 was not on stock at my local Distributor.
But the Seed one is not verry accurate, only 64 Counts/G (8 Bit a 2G).
The G248 has 256 Counts/G according to the data sheet (10 bit at 2G).
For my application the Seed module did not work because of that.