Today’s google logo is interactive. I think DevHammer and Pete will both get a kick out of it.

@ mhectorgato - Alas, I missed it. Was presenting an event all day, then flying back from Atlanta. Much as I tend to prefer another search engine that starts with B, gotta admit that the Google folks can be pretty creative with their logos.

@ devhammer and @ Pete you guys missed an awesome doodle. Not only was moogle interactive (you could press the keys to hear the sound) but the recorder next to it actually recorded what you played! Plus there were four channels on the recorder for you to record bass, harmony, effects and tune. Genius.

You could also change filter frequency, Q, ADSR envelope, amazing ppl there at google :slight_smile:
I love synths! My dad has build a more complex version of the Moog back in 1980. He still has it, it contains a LOT of PCB’s and thousands of wires. Beautifull piece of engineering. I should take some pictures of it!

Yes, you should!

Enjoy Robert Moog's 78th Birthday