Monkeys for the holidays

GHI has some free gifts. We have a flying monkey! It has rubber band and can be used like a slingshot.

We haven’t decided how you will get one but you will fro sure :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is fun? Look at the guys leaving all work trying to shoot me with the monkey!

I am glad other didn’t know we received them, otherwise the whole company will be playing!

An awesome cloak as well… ok now time to go back and finish preparing the shop or the coming production line.

Nice! Do these make monkey noises when they hit something? My mother got my son a couple (that did make noise) we eventually had to ban from anywhere in the house except his room. Got to the point where I would have been glad if the dog had chewed one up “by accident” :stuck_out_tongue:

the noise was fun it beginning but then it got very annoying in few minutes so we ordered these with no noise. Ex expect you to use these at work to shoot your coworkers without your boss noticing so they have to be quiet :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Let me get this straight…

You put your hand up the monkey’s butt to make it fly? :o

They looks nice :slight_smile:

First person to mod one with a FEZ gets heaps of geek cred! Hmm… a Mini might even fit inside.

@ Mike - nah, human fingers go in monkey hands to aim and you pull on the legs. You could pull on other parts, I guess… ::slight_smile:

Ah! I feel better now… :smiley:

Tons of fun! Of course, I’d never get to play with it once the kids saw it. Brainwash the kiddos with FEZ while they’re young!

hahahaahahah I want one!! ;D

Perfect to test my Accelerometer Module :stuck_out_tongue:

For finding a way to have fun and make it useful, someone send that man a monkey!!! ;D

Who came up with this awesome idea for monkeys anyway? ;D

How about you send us those monkeys and we will send you back photos of them in places all around the world :wink: like the thing with garden gnome in Amelia movie;)