Module with 2 Connectors allowed?

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I’m planning to build a module. According to this I read the Module Builder’s Guide.
My module uses a ‘P’ socket, so I’m using PWM-Pins 7,8 and 9 of it.
If it’s possible I want to give every module an In and an Out Socket, to chain multiple modules together.

My question is if this is allowed, because I found the following sentence in the guide: (Page 31)

[quote]Multiple Connectors
A module might include more than one connector in the following two instances:
 The module needs to provide connection to more than one mainboard socket at a time.
 The module is compatible with the .NET Gadgeteer DaisyLink Protocol and can be daisy-chained with other modules.[/quote]

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Yes you can have two connectors. A DaisyLink module uses two connectors to chain multiple modules for example.

An extender module ( has more than one socket for chaining. But, this might be an exception to the rule of only DaisyLink and multiple mainboard connection modules may have multiple sockets.

The “rule” that was posted said you “might” use multiple sockets in the listed situations, but did not say they were the only situations.

If you are building a module for your own use, then you can do anything. If you want to use the Gadgeteer logo, and sell your module, you should contact Microsoft with your question.

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Thank you for your Answer,
I know that DaisyLink Modules use 2 connectors, but I wasnt sure if I can use 2 connectors when it’s not a DaisyLink module.
I just want to lead the PWM pins through the module.

Thank you Mike, I,'m not sure at the moment if i sell the module. But if I plan to sell it, I will contact Microsoft and ask again.