Module documentation is included in the designer

When you have the designer open, select the module you added (click on it) and then hit F1 … enjoy! :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried it. Works great! Thanks. ;D

It appears that F1 only displays the information in the GHI class.

In the case of the T35 display, which inherits a MS Display class, all the goodies do not appear in the F1 info. The F1 display does not show the inheritance hierarchy, which normally appears in the documentation.

But… it is a start :smiley:

Correct and we have already requested this to be looked into by Microsoft.

Fro now, check this file C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer\Core\Assemblies.NET Micro Framework 4.1\Gadgeteer.xml

Is there a tool that shows these documentation xml files better?

@ Gus - Yes, there are several. The best one, IMHO, is SandCastle, and comes with a UI tool that makes it pretty easy to crank out nice looking documentation as a website, CHM file, PDF, etc, etc… basically some really fancy XSLT.

check out (the guts) (the UI)

Funny, I think the guys at GHI do use sandcastle! I just never tried it myself.

Your online documentation looks like one of the default sandcastle templates. Microsoft uses it for MSDN, albeit with heavy use of custom transforms and a whole team of technical writers…


As a learning opportunity I made an attempt to use Sandcastle to produce a help file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer\Core\Assemblies.NET Micro Framework 4.1\Gadgeteer.xml as suggested.

The process failed when SandCastle came across a reference to a source code example that looks like:

            In the following example, twelve lines of text are placed on the display. Because
            the <see cref="P:Gadgeteer.Modules.Module.DisplayModule.SimpleGraphicsInterface.AutoRedraw"/> property is set to <b>false</b>, the lines do not render
            individually. Instead, they are rendered in one batch when the <see cref="M:Gadgeteer.Modules.Module.DisplayModule.SimpleGraphicsInterface.Redraw"/>
            method is called.
            <code source="SimpleDisplay\Program.cs" region="AutoRedrawDemo" title="Improving performance with AutoRedraw" lang="cs"/>

The Gadgeteer SDK didn’t seem to install these on my computer. Just wondering … do these exist and if so are they useful as examples in the FEZ Spider context?

@ LenF - the GHI gadgetter installer only gives you the dlls. Sandcastle needs the source files to extract the XML comments. The source is at

Creating a help files from GHI and MS source code for all of the current code would be a good project for someone looking to gain kudos in this forum. Because this is a beta project, however, the code (and hence comments) will be changing quite a bit in the near term.

Maybe we can get GHI and MS to add this as part of their SDK updates.

I got a confirmation from the gadgeteer team about them generating the documentation for all of us :clap:

So has this happened? Is the documentation available ?


The GadgeteerCore reference docs are posted in a .zip archive at We’re working on posting them to the main Gadgeteer Web site at so that you can browse them online, too. I’m working on that this afternoon.


Kerry - Thanks! Any chance you can publish VS2010 compatible help files or a CHM? It would be nice to have this indexed and searchable.

Welcome to the forum! A lot of Gadgeteer “early adopters” can be found here!

Thanks, ransomhall!

The online-browsable docs are up at now. We can build a CHM too, I’ll post that shortly.

Hello Kerry! :slight_smile:

Welcome to our forum.

To whom that does not know Kerry Hammil. She is one of the most enthusiastic members of .NET Gadgeteer team. Check this webcast to see what I mean :wink:

Thanks, Joe! ;D I’ve been lurking here for a while and have finally come out of the shadows.

The GadgeteerCore CHM is posted at

Great. Thanks Kerry. We will add this to our “master download” page as well

BTW, is this your cat? I always get into an argument with my wife as for kittens vs puppies. Kittens is what I say :wink:

Hi there,
thank you for the update. but after downloading the CHM file and opening none of the links work they all display page not found.


@ JayJay - You have to unblock the file after you download it. Also, you can’t run CHMs from a network location. They have to be on your local machine.

@ Kerry - thx for the CHM.

@ JayJay

There is a trailing dot in Kerry’s link. Remove it.

Edit: Nevermind. I thought you had trouble downloading the file.