Model Section:

Any chances we can get a model section?..:wink:

here is a start:

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What do you mean exactly? A forum section for each board model?


Not sure…lol

Plastic enclosures that the community designs and shares them.

Oh, I got ya… 3D models…

ok, then that would be off topic section :slight_smile: because we have hardly had any of those in the recent past

Times are changing…:slight_smile:

Ah a 3d Printer guy (or another laser cutter guy) on the forum, great :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Either way, sorry for the overdue welcome, but welcome!

I’m a modeler. Ready to do some modeling that results in some phyiscal renderings instead of just images…:slight_smile:

Many of the boards have been modeled in Sketchup. Check out this thread.

Looking forward to seeing what a pro produces!

I’d be really keen to see some enclosures ready to use in 123D\Free Cad that had holes made for standard components like the USB Client DP Module or the Ethernet J11D Module etc. The great thing about all of the FEZ mainboards using the same I\O modules is that one enclosure is pretty much good for any mainboard.

I don’t have modelling skills nor access to 3D printers or laser cutters, so I’m kind of limited to leveraging off the skill of others and sites like Ponoko.

So why should GHI care about my lack of skill? Truth is, I would buy many more components and main boards from GHI if I were able to keep the finished project in a presentable\usable box.

GHI cares. The person made this post and making enclosure is a GHI intern :slight_smile: stay tuned for more fun.

For sure, the FBBC stuff that Steve Presley is working looks great for prototyping.

I’m still going to try and learn some 123D, and if I manage to make something which could possibly work I’ll upload it to 123D’s cloud of things.

Just saw this thread.

@ origin - any particular enclosure design you’re thinking of? I’m working on a few things, but would be interested to see what you have in mind.

Feel free to email me (steve at devonboard dot com), preferably with a picture or two of what you’re thinking.

Hi Steve,
I’m thinking something like this guy’s work,, with standard ports (like I talked about in that last post). What you could do is have different face plates, or (and I’m assuming this would be a difficult task) semi-cut or perforated port holes that an end user could punch out with just a thumb depending on what they were building.

In terms of spacing between the mainboard and modules with I\O ports, you already have the standoff screws, so it’s probably worth sticking with that as a standard.

How’s the FBBC (GHI FBB Connectors) project coming along?

Thanks for the link to the BuiltToSpec store - that’s some nice work. Do you prefer the “slot” method of connection, or would prefer drilled and tapped holes with either countersunk cap screw or button head hardware? I’m leaning towards the latter.

I do have the standoffs, which I’m using on some of my mockup work, but for “finished” enclosures, I’m working on solid side plates that get stacked around the components with the cutouts for things like the USB and Ethernet ports, etc.

FBBCs are on hold at the moment as I sold my makerbot replicator and am waiting on my new printer to show up shortly. I also haven’t spent much time on converting them to injection molding yet, but that’s the plan to get the cost down. They’re still on the radar, but I think are a more limited market than the full enclosures may be.

Finished looking enclosures is definitely the project I’m most keen on.

As for screws or slots, I think probably a mixture of both. A vertical slot system for the face plates means you could stack different plates on the same face of the enclosure, but you would also need a way of attaching modules vertically inside the box. possibly having a horizontal rail for pushing in plates which had equidistant screw holes to GHI standards as you did with the FBBC work. The horizontal component mounting boards would need to be a bit shorter than the enclosure so you could get the connecting cables through from the mainboard at the bottom. I hope that makes sense, it’s times like these I wish I could use a modelling program.

No worries, I know exactly what you’re saying. Not sure I’ll have a design up this week, but what I’m already working on should be right up your alley.

Can’t wait :slight_smile: