MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump - impressive!

It wasn’t that long ago we thought robotic running was impressive (running means ground contact free periods as compared to walking where at least one foot is always in contact with the ground), the MIT cheetah clearly takes it to the next level. Congrads MIT!!


That is impressive!

Heck, I could run hurdles better than that when I was 14!..what? :slight_smile:

In the 80’s I worked on some AI research projects and I remember how confident we were going into those projects that we render humans obsolete, and how humbled we were coming out of those projects, the human brain is simply amazing and without equal and still is. Even the stuff we do without even thinking about it is incredible.


This video shows why I love geeks. DARPA gave these guys millions of dollars and they poured every dollar of it and then likely some of their own cash into the cheetah and so when the time came to make the video of their work they had to steal a garbage dumpster so one guy could sit in it and use his cell phone to film the cheetah while the other guy pushed him. For all this high tech there is a MIT custodian wondering who stole his dumpster.