Missing System.NET namespace

I’m working on a new custom board that contains a G120 module. I’m trying to get some simple UDP test code working, but I can’t seem to be able to reference the “System.Net” namespace in my project. When I open the “Add Reference” dialog “System.Net” does not show up in the list. Shouldn’t this be included in the .NETMF 4.2 SDK? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the SDK but still can’t find it. I’m using Visual Studio 2010. Any suggestions?

Give us the print screen of References window.

@ iamin - screenshot attached.

Most core network capability for System.Net namespace is in System and Microsoft.SPOT.Net, and then System.Http for the HTTP functions. Explore them in Object Browser and you’ll see what from System.Net are in each

What I’m trying to do is create a socket for UDP packet sending/receiving, but the socket object isn’t found in Microsoft.SPOT.Net. Seems like it’s in the System.Net namespace. Am I going about this incorrectly? All the examples I have seen use System.Net.

I found it. I had to just add the System library to my reference list. I was looking specifically for System.Net in the list of options. Stupid mistake…thanks for your help!

yup, as I said :wink:
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