Missing GHI Documentation

So I have been trying to find the link to the GHI documentation but every link I find is broken, as is all codeshare links. Where have these been moved to? It is really holding up my coding not being able to find them.

any link that says WWW you can replace WWW with OLD and it should work


Thank you!! :blush:

Hi GHI guys (i’m continuing this post instead of creating a new one)

I’m sorry but the site migration is done very poorly regarding all the documentation.
Every link on the NEW website says you should use TinyCLR, but it seems legacy netmf is complitely forgotten.
We have to dig in the “old” url to have what we want, but for how much time ?

You should at least do an automatic redirection, and best indicates on the new home a link to the documentation.

We do a lot of documentation links in our code base (as on the GHI assemblies), and on our internal docs, and if everything should updated, it is a lot of work (and again, how long will it be available ?)

Thank you.

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I agree with the redirection

We talked about this and we are still studying different ideas.

OK thank you Gus for the consideration :slight_smile:

Hello Guys

I have still a looot of FEZ Mainboards and tonns of modules.
Where can I find the latest documantation for ALL main boards and modules?

Couldn’t find em here: http://old.ghielectronics.com/catalog/category/34

greets evul


Did this link may help you