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Missing .dll?


Hi all, I am trying to remap AN2 & AN3 to COM4 using the example code shown in the hardware guide. I added using GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.LowLevel; to the top of my code and put the GHIElectronics.NETMF. Hardware namespace in the references but does not work (errors in Visual C#). I assume I must add the LowLevel version of the namespace in the references but the .dll is missing from the list. What am I doing wrong? Where/what is the appropriate reference?


Can you post the errors?


Thanks but I solved the problem. I had inserted the code shown in the hardware guide in the wrong place in my program (outside the Program braces!). After more research I now see that the ‘LowLevel’ namespace lives inside the ‘Hardware’ namespace. Another look at how I had inserted the code (I knew it was something simple I had done) and the light went on. Works now!
A question about COM4: Can you swap RX/TX in code? I don’t quite understand why TX is on AN2 as it is input only. You would think it would be AN3 as that is both analog in and out. Or am I missing something? I assume AN3 must be used as it has special function, but can a different pin be substituted for AN2? I realize I digress form the original topic, but . . . . .



UARTs are hardware. You can’t swap input and output pins.


@ Mike: I seem to recall there is actually a COM port that you can remap.


@ Chris:

yes, there is a com port to remap.

The OP was getting confused why an analog input port was outputing when it was a com port.

Most of the IO pins have multiple purposes. An anlog pin can be a digital IO.

The markings on the board are the non digital IO modes they can provide.

The remap pins, for the com port that can be remapped, can not be assigned to other pins since they are connected to a hardware uart internally.