Minor design issue in FEZ Rhino

FEZ Rhino has been doing great but we just learned about a minor issue.

FEZ Rhino is made to work with an optional display and/or Ethernet module. Everything works perfect when either the display or Ethernet module is installed. However, with both inside, the FEZ Rhino enclosure no longer closes. We can make it close by removing one of the screws that is holding the display in place. Removing the screw will not affect anything since the Ethernet connector is high enough to keep the display board pushed up. No electrical traces are on the display board where the Ethernet connector touches (so this is not a problem).

After removing the screw the enclosure closes a bit tight. It looks like it will be okay. We will see if we can fix this somehow but most likely this will always be like that. It’s a minor issue that we wanted everyone to know about.

Do you guys have any 3D models of your components and enclosures. Might be a good project for community to make if you don’t. That we you and the community can virtually layout the components to check for interferences before physical build?

That can be a good idea. No we don’t have any and we would love to see some :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a sticky issue. Well, what if the ethernet port was broken out of the board so that a much thinner connector could connect there, and Ethernet would plug in there?

Don’t we want everything nice and neat inside the enclosure?

Yeah, but that would accomplished that. There would be a small cable going from the ethernet board to the ethernet connector. These cables already exist, you would just need to modify the enet board to accept that connector.

I may be wrong but it appears that the cases used are either JB Series cases from PolyCase or a very close replica from another manufacturer. Only GHI/FEZ can say for sure whether they are because I don’t have one in front of me right now to measure and verify.

If they are JB series cases PolyCase offers 2D & 3D drawings, you need only to contact them.


^^^ It’s from PolyCase.