Mini showcase: Electric imp + Gadgeteer sensorboard

This is just to show how the electric imp device can be used as wifi relay for sending sensor data to the cloud. I am currently using Xively, but planning to find somewhere else.



Setup explained at

Primary purpose of setup was:


  • Prove to the kids that the light in fridge turns off when the door is closed.
  • Prove to the wifey that it takes at least 15 minutes for the temperature to get back to normal when the door has been open.[/ol]

Enjoy. Questions and ideas are welcome :wink:


Like your table cover. :slight_smile:

Those sound like fun experiments. One I would do is how long is the light in the kids room on all day and what does that cost. :slight_smile:

@ njbuch - Nice job, i especially like the ide of proving the ligh goes off in the fridge :slight_smile: great example.

@ Gus - thanks for promoting my mini showcase to a real one, I am honored.

Let me just emphasize that the electric imp is a fascinating small microcontroller with wifi builtin in a clever form factor.

The primary reason for using it is battery, as this sensor-board can run a week on 4 batteries if you use it wisely. I did not need real sockets, only some data with a 5-10 minute interval - a perfect fit. And not least, I needed all my Cerberus boards to be able to be on the network.

I have attached a IDE screenshot where you can see the agent code (server side in the cloud, always running code), device code (only running when the imp is on and not sleeping) and the log (eternal and stored on the server).

Updated the images, thanks.

@ njbuch - is that a new Imp IDE?? when i go to the planner etc mine looks nothing like that?

@ HughB - yes, it’s a new IDE. You can ask to participate in the beta dev program to get access to it. When I pinged the Imp guys about working with Gadgeteer hardware, they we’re jazzed and signed me right up. They do know about your module, so I’m sure will roll out the red carpet :slight_smile:

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Hmm, sorry about that, the IDE that you see is in fact in early beta. The standard one is without the agent code.

But if you have some good arguments, you can get access to the beta IDE by contacting the guys at electric imp - go for beardedinventor in the forum

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