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Mini keypad or keyboard


Anyone know of a mini keypad or keyboard I can use with the FEZ Mini? Is it even possible to use such a device for this board natively or would I need to write my own interface?


To my knowledge this is one of the features Domino has over Mini, USB “host”.
Domino can host USB devices like thumbdrives, mice, keyboards, etc. but the Mini cannot. It only has USB “Device” functionality, in that it can only act as a device connecting to a host (PC, Domino, etc.).


If you are using a “USB” keyboard then just plug in in FEZ Domino. If you are using mini then you can use keypad matrix.
Those are explained in the book.


Sorry for the delay. Vacation in between posts. Sounds like the Domino is the way to go. Will it work with wireless keyboards or only wired?


If it works with your PC (without windows asking for drivers) then it works with FEZ.

Yes it will work with wireless keyboards… they are still USB keyboards with wireless connections :slight_smile:


Just hooked up a Keyboard and even a numeric keypad to FEZ and it worked right away.
The best is to buy some cheap china-keyboard for this. (probably cheaper too…)

If you cannot get it to work just stop by!
Good luck!


I got a keyboard working last night. I am probably going to write a class to simplify keyboard operations. Dunno how long off that is though… Maybe tonight.