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Migrating from Domino to Rhino


Hi all,

I am going to buy a FEZ Rhino for evaluation purposes. I recently developed a Domino application and I would like to know if there are any known issue migrating from Domino to Rhino. Now my application uses these Domino features:

  • USB client (now I am deploying software using an FTDI cable and the RS232);
  • Ethernet shield;
  • External graphic display.

So the FEZ Rhino OEM Kit seems to be the right choice for my project.
Do you think I could have problems migrating?

Thank you very much for your suggestions.




FEZ Rhino and Domino are powered by the same chip “USBizi 144”. Only difference is board on which they are mounted. Your software will be the same.



thank you for your reply.

Looking at the Rhino board pics I was not able to see if there is a switch to configure the Rhino for deploying software via RS232. Do you know if this is possible?

I really appreciated your help.



If I understand corectly, You need Mode pin. It is on IO4 (rhino breakout 36 pin).

Rhino pinout can be found here page 3



Going to purchase… :smiley:

Thank you again.


rhino is not arduino shield compatible. you will not be able to plug an ethernet shield into rhino. you will have to wire it.


no ethernet shield but Rhino is setup to take the official wiznet WIJ811M mofdule.

Actually, our offer has this module already soldered on FEZ Rhino.



finally it arrived!!!
A beautiful Rhino OEM kit with ethernet soldered! Beafutiful! I’m going to test it. Is it correct to connect the pin 36 to 3.3 volt to use the usb client feature?

Thank you very much for your help!

BTW: only 5 days to deliver the Rhino directly from GHI to Italy!!! Great!


I answered myself to my question: pin 36 has to be connect to ground for enabling the RS232 debug and deploy.