Migrating Cerberus to Hydra, any gotcha's?

I am migrating a project from Cerberus to Hydra because I keep running into memory issues, and I also want another A and X port. Any problems I should be aware of with the migration? I know I need to replace it in the designer and appropriately reconnect modules, and I am sure I will have a headache with the Ethernet part (ENC28 + mIP), but anything other than that I need to watch out for?

It should be a simple process but I would advise you start a new project on the hydra board and migrate over your class files, this will prevent left over cerb data and referances interfering with your new hydra compile.

Modules should work the same as they should both be 4.2 and from what I can see its the same LAN module for both the hydra and the cerb