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MIDI Out: How to send MIDI from Com port



The Internet full of code for reading MIDI messages. However I need to send MIDI messages via COM port. So I’m wondering would you mind to help me with getting info regarding this?

I have a PANDA II board. As I understand I need to use COM serial port. And here’s my first question:
Do I need to use just COM Out? Sorry, I’m not familiar to this :frowning: It would be cool to get the schema where such things like MIDI Out DIN connection with COM Serial port is described. I’m wondering whether I need some resistor or capacitor connected between MIDI DIN and Serial Port?

Also I’m interesting in code of sending MIDI data via serial port. Does the working example already exist for such purpose? I saw MIDI readers classes, but no midi senders.

Thank you in advance!



Midi uses 5v and you might want to look for a schematic that uses optocouplers to protect your input and output. The baudrate of midi is 31250.

For data format etc:




2Wouter Huysentruit, thank you for the good links! It seems like I need two 220 Ohm resistors :slight_smile:


Does this mean that if I just need to send Midi I need to Connect MIDI Socket to Panda’s COM1 Out only?


I am not sure. maybe it is a good idea if you take a look at that midi shield schematic. You easier you get that shield that has the Midi connector.

Sparkfun sells them


Yeah, If I’m understanding it right it is connected to TX which is COM1 Out. Thanks!


If you are sending Midi data from Your FEZ device to the Midi receiver ( I suppose Midi synthesizer). then yes you are right