Microsoft's Surface team working on a smartwatch

I’ve rarely ever worn a watch as often it seems like a duplication of devices, but a heart monitor, that interests me. Toss in that time really doesn’t matter to me and I have a hard time coming up with a reason to wear a watch. I did on occasion wear the SPOT watches but since then I’ve haven’t worn a watch at all. That said it does appear that watches are still of interest to people so hell ya this could be good.

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I’m all for a smartwatch but battery life has to be up there with at least 3-4 days min.

My current watch did one time give me that but now it’s back to 6 bloody hours! :frowning:

It’s great to see notifications on the watch or certain information at a glance without reaching into your pocket or taking it out of it’s holder etc. Great for in meetings :slight_smile:

For me, this is what my initial interest would be - for example when riding my bike I don’t have my phone in sight - in my backpack if I am commuting or it’s in my under-saddle bag.

Heart-rate monitor would also be a plus.