Microsoft's 3D printer app

Anybody tried this?

Yea, I played with it but it only has support for only a couple of commercial 3D printers so far. I’m in talks with them to get the SDK at the end of the week to try and get a driver built for my printer. Hopefully, that will be my Thanksgiving vacation project.

It’s very nice software but currently is very lacking in advanced control of parameters.

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Interesting. Bump this thread if/when you get more details on the SDK, please.

Will do.

That sound like a fun project to tackle!

I just got my Microsoft Connect invite. They just posted some info here:

Send an email to ask3dprint@ to request an invite. I’ll be playing with this quite a bit this week.

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@ Architect - did you ever get your printer working?

Need to finish electronics.

Which board are you going with?

Probably will put something together out of parts laying around. Thinking about trying it with Lynx actually. I have stepper drivers separately.

The is available on the windows store :slight_smile:

3D Builder

Yep, the link to the app was in the original engadget article.