Microsoft Sync Service 4.0 CPT

I have a project where I am going to need to replicate/sync data from an SQL database to devices running .NETMF.
I have been looking at using MS Sync Framework service, will I be able to consume this service on my .NETMF board.
If I can, are there any examples about?
Many thanks

MS Sync Framework is not supported. If you would like to use it you would have to start at socket level and build your requests/parse the responses. I suggest to create a dedicated proxy service that would translate you net mf calls to ms sync calls. This way you can use simple REST approach for example.

Thanks for the reply,

I have been doing some more playing around since my post. I believe the MS Sync service is a REST and the 4.0 CPT has also included an http standard protocol using either ATOM or JSON. As I only need to sync data to my device the DownloadChanges method is a simple GET that returns XML. I have managed to do the full sync but so far have not worked out how to do the changes only sync, documentation is sparse.

But I think you should be able to do everything you want using plain old GETs and POSTs with ATOM payloads, although I am a little concerned at the size of the XML that will be returned.

Thanks again for your reply, I had thought about the proxy service and I still might go for that so I can control the volume of data in the sync messages as I would rather remove the bloated XML that is used in the Sync Service.