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Hello again,

I’m having an unusual issue with VB not re deploying the programs onto the FEZ and it not recognising the Microsoft.SPOT; reference in some projects. I don’t think I have changed anything, but as I am unfamiliar with VB, I thought I would check to see if anyone has had this problem or know of a quick fix.

I have already re-installed all the components required in the correct order just in case it was a corrupted file, but nothing seems to work. It was working fine up until recently and then… Nothing!

Any ideas?



VB?!! We do not support VB! (not directly at least)


Ooops, my mistake. I meant Visual Studio… 2008 of course!


What version of Visual Studio? What versions of the .netmf sdk and GHI sdk are you using?


When you have problems like that, start fresh. Do not even use your old project, make new one instead. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft SDK and GHI SDK…
still no good, then remove everything including VS and start from zero… following the FEZ tutorial.



Fez beginners tutorial:

First power up:

Detailed getting started 1-3


I’ll do that, like I said, it was working perfectly and I have produced some good little projects with it. But all of a sudden it just decided to not deploy new code. VS claims it has been successful but the FEZ simply continues to run the same old program.

Back to basic setup :S

Thanks for the replies.



When I get into a similar situation, where I can’t get new code to load and the prior code runs, I use MFDeploy to erase the application code and data. This usually works.


Hmm. I have never gotten into that situation. I was having problems a bit ago with the 4.1 jump, but uninstalling ALL FEZ and NETMF related items and then reinstalling them restored everything to normal again.