The Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchScreen class is a bit of a mystery to me. :frowning:

Microsoft has provided an example that uses this class:

user\Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.2\Samples\TouchScreen

But this class is not listed in any of the NETMF SDK help files, and there are very few references returned when doing a Google search.

I’m trying to figure out what purpose this class serves, and how it should be used?

I know about Touch.TouchPanel which is a generic class to render screen calibration, but did effectively not see anything about TouchScreen…

Are you not confusing NETMF ans SURFACE ?

@ LouisCpro - No. Take a look at the sample provided by Microsoft in the NETMF folder installed on your computer. This class is in the PK, and used in the sample, but does not appear in any documentation.

You’re right :-[

It appeared in the 4.2…

Is seems that it deals with ActiveRectangle Collection, what should be related to multitouch services…

So my opinion is that it has been set up to manipulate multitouch screens such as the CP7, without changing the structure of TouchPanel which can only play wih one area…

You can find the class implementation on Codeplex here :