Microsoft.SPOT.Net.Security.SslStream missing?

Hello guys,
for some reason i can’t get a reference to the following:


is that not part of 4.1 that is installed by GHI?
or am i missing something?

Also do we have to do anything with MFDeploy to enable SSL on the Spider?


Did you add the appropriate assemblies?

here is what i have

using System
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using System.Threading;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Net.Security;

And yes all oh those are being referenced under references :slight_smile:

have i missed anything?



Thanks inalee74,
LOL the price of having multiple project open at once and working late at night…
i had System.Net.Security added in one project but wasn’t on the second concerned one, even though I’m looking at the References my mind kept showing me that it was there… LOL but it wasn’t …

so a fresh morning made a whole lot of difference… now things look much better than last night for sure…

thanks guys…

let’s see if i can get that SSL (Gmail) E-mail going now…


I know the feeling :wink:

Great! I’m looking forward to having this week off and having several of those fresh mornings :slight_smile:

Jay Jay

Just checking. Have you been able to get SSL email (GMAIL) working?


NOPE, i abandoned it when i learned that SSL was not completely tested and not fully implemented…
basically i couldn’t get it to work…

maybe the new net micro framework 4.2 addressed those issues.


Jay Jay,

If you had an accessory device that could handle the SSL part would you be able to use basic smtp commands to use gmail? I have a wifi device wired to my EMX that I use to create an SSL socket connection to gmail, but I don’t know what to do next.


Welcome to the community !
not sure what you mean by accessory device… but try this link below and see if it helps.:

let us know please.

By accessory device I mean I have a wifi module similar to the RS21 wifi module GHI sells. The wifi module I am using is able to create an SSL socket. I have successfully used this wifi module to connect to the gmail server. But after that I don’t know what smtp commands (sequence of bytes) to send over the SSL socket in order to send and receive mail.

From your previous posts it looks like your only issue was creating up the SSL socket connection to gmail.

I am assuming once connected to the gmail server using an SSL socket, that if I send the correct smtp commands, I should be able to send/receive gmail.

I will try to use some of the code from the link you posted. And let you know.