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Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Utility.Backlight(bool) | Backlit on/off


Hi I found following function, I have tried it with Fez Cobra + 7inch screen, but it doesn’t worked, ok well now my question. Is the function implemented by GHI?


Hope any body has information for me.

best regards


There is a sample floating around on how to do this, but you have to connect extra pins from the LCD to the board, it is not directly supported.


If we support that function then we would have to dedicate a specific pin for it and you end up losing an IO for back light even if you are not using a display.

You can easily control the backlight from any pin or dim using any PWM.

now, the board doesn’t have backlight connected by default but we want to change that in future, for now you will need to connect the backlight ciruit from teh display board to a pin on Cobra in order for you to control backlight.