Microsoft needs to pull finger

Microsoft and Gadgeteer are missing the boat…

In the U.S., “pull my finger” has a very different meaning than what I think you had in mind… :smiley:

@ ianlee74 - Was thinking the same thing! pull a finger? lol

OMG! That santa’s hillarious. My wife collections Santas. I’ve got to find one of those before next Christmas. :smiley:

@ ianlee74 -

Thanks. But, I really don’t want to even start thinking about shopping for Christmas just yet. :wink:

@ Gus - How about a GHI monkey like the Santa?

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How you lot became a world super power i’ll never know… :smiley:

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I guess with a monkey, it will smell very different :slight_smile:

Well can all snicker about pull my finger, but Raspberry Pi is simply out marketing Gadgeteer in every way possible which isn’t good as people who should be using Gadgeteer are just going to get frustrated trying to use Raspberry Pi and then no one wins.


Not sure why we are comparing apples to oranges! Raspberry Pi is a tiny linux/android PC, gadgeteer is not!

Because they are starting to use their oranges to do the same as our apples…ie running attached hardware…


Yep. For people just jumping in and wanting to try something it is very easy to get drawn to the RasPi if you don’t know what you’re looking for. When me & my coworker first started talking about him attempting his first project, I asked him what mcu he was thinking about using with out yet pointing him in any direction (despite the fact that I talk about Gadgeteer daily…). First thing out of his mouth was “Raspberry Pi”. Those big capabilities and small price are inviting to PC people wanting to try something smaller. Of course, I then smacked him upside the head and convinced him we should pay more for a Cerberus because the RasPi was totally overkill for the project we were talking about building. Trying to explain the justification for that is awkward…


@ ianlee74 - egg zak lee…

One thing we should all do is post our creations on the .netmf gadgeteer forum too. The posts there tend to be few and far between. the more noise we all make the more people will notice. This is a call to arms gentlemen! post like its the end o the world! :slight_smile:

gadgeteer = no electronics background is needed

raspberry pi = everything non-gadgeteer = requires some knowledge … and a soldering iron

I am not saying one is better, but one doesn’t replace the other.

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Microsoft really needs to improve there advertising.

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My concern is and a excellent example is Ians comments above is that people think the Pi is the best platform to do tasks that would be perfect for Gadgeteer.
They are marketing it and its going to take away users that could be doing it easier with Gadgeteer.

Excuse me All,

But how can we be evangelists, when even Microsoft do not make any announcment or advice on NETMF, boosting Windows Embedded instead, which is far far far from being a good choice for starting points and Gadgeteer like projets !

Difference is :

Microsoft make Opensource and forget !

Android make Opensource and applause !

I’m sure Colin will agree :slight_smile:

The RP is a nice platform, with lots of features, for a very good price. But, it targets a different market
than Gadgeteer. Linux C++ development is a different environment than C# MF .NET.

It would be nice to have a MF port on the RP or similar hardware.