Microsoft MVP - Summit Meeting

How many members of this forum are Microsoft MVP’s and will be attending the MVP Summit as I’m thinking we should try to meetup sometime during that week if possible.

MVP - Developer Security
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Not an MVP anymore (was an MVP for ASP.NET prior to joining MS)…but…

I will be in town for the summit, but I have several things going on that week, so it would depend on when it was scheduled. I will probably be getting in on the 26th, but after the 28th would be better for me.

We should definitely see if Kerry from the Gadgeteer team is available, of course. And I can ping Colin Miller from the NETMF team to see if he might be able to make it.

Colin Miller and Kerry Hammil will be presenting at the MVP Summit Thursday morning so no doubt I’ll be attending that.

Good to know. I hadn’t had a chance to look at the schedule. :slight_smile:

Typically I fly out of Seattle Friday night after Summit, but this year I was thinking of leaving in the afternoon. Usually I get into Seattle early afternoon on Monday and its pretty much an open day/evening for MVPs, but Monday might not work for you. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are usually a track meet all day and night, but having been an MVP you likely know that.

So can I suggest Monday evening somewhere?

Speaking for myself, Monday might be really tough, depending on how things go with certain obligations I have for work. Don’t let that stop you if other folks are available, though.

I will probably be heading out sometime on Friday as well, as I have an obligation here in NoVA on Saturday.