Microsoft MVP Summit Meeting Nov 3 - 6 Gadgeteer Showcase

I know some of you guys are Microsoft MVP’s and I’m wondering how many of you will be attending the MVP Summit Meeting in Seattle Nov 3 - 6, or who will be there in particular Nov 2 (Sunday) as I’m wondering if perhaps we should put on a Gadgeteer Showcase project to show off Gadgeteer to other MVP’s and apparently to Microsoft as a whole. Message me if your interested. I was thinking maybe some bluetoothing to a Windows Phone and data uploads to Azure etc just to to get that maximum interest buzz.



It would be a definitely great idea.

Among our Italian eMVP group, me (Lorenzo Maiorfi), Mirco Vanini and Paolo Patierno are quite active on .NETMF-related stuff and would really be glad to be useful.


@ Duke Nukem - I just spoke to someone at Microsoft regarding the same thing. If anyone contacts you with specific showcases, can you message me as well? Maybe we can combine our efforts.


Hi Duke,
I will be in Seattle for my first MVP summit !
The showcase with Gadgeteer stuff could be a great idea. I can give my support on it regarding my .Net MF libraries and connectivity to the cloud via MQTT and AMQP.
However, it will be my first summit so I’m thinking to be more “free” (during showcase).
In any case I’d like to help you !
Have you any proposals for it ?


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Maybe showcase the large range of community made mainboards that have been made? I would be happy to donate a Threadneedle to the cause if that would help?
The advantage of this is to show the powers at MS what kind of community is behind netmf. You don’t see community made arduino boards out there much. At least I haven’t.
PM me if I can help.

It might be an interesting point to bring up, but I know of too many Arduino clones to dare saying that. See for example :snooty:

I think it would be wise to turn it around and say that we have lots of cool boards running NETMF, and thereby prove that it might be sligtly more difficult to port NETMF than to make an Arduino clone (sigh), BUT its still possible!

Wish I could be there, but I’ve not been away from the mothership long enough to qualify. :slight_smile:

Would love to see pictures of what people show off!

We need NetMF MVPs.


@ ppatierno - great as pretty much whatever we do it will involve at least a couple of your code libraries like setting up and using a MQTT server on Azure and otherwise sending data up to Azure. We will have to figure out what that data is what cool stuff we can do with it.

@ Hugh I’d like to work in a wearable aspect as Mugatu said in Zoolander it so hot right now.

I’m thinking about building a game/social interaction type application using all this stuff so it has that buzz about it to increase the appeal. To bad the showcase is inside where GPS might not work. Anyone have a longer range RFID module (ie 5 feet sort of thing), otherwise I’m still kicking around ideas and very much open to suggestions.

Depending on what you were thinking, how about spoofing GPS? You a “secret” module taped to a window somewhere that can get GPS and a couple of Justin’s RF-Pipe modules streaming the data back to your device? Obviously not going to work if you were doing “hunting for” type interaction.

@ Brett - a simple hunter game is to simple and frankly unworthy of a room of uber geeks so I was thinking more of an information scavenger hunt type theme where you have to be in the proximity of a given person to receive the information, but the information is handed out in order of discovery so you can’t cheat and say go to the last person first. You have to be in range of a person for a given time (ie long enough for them to do their elevator talk about their contributed technology as indicated by the worn led circle timer). We tie this in so the clues appear on your Windows Phone that indicates the final target who hands out the prize.

We could simply hand out RFID tags, have folks download an app, that shows clues and how they are ranking. Ultimately we could just have you swipe twice the clue person as a substitute for proximity.

One of the problems I’m thinking about is how to engage a large number of people with a small number of targets. Something maybe like find the person who is flashing the same pattern as your phone is displaying etc just to make it a little more interesting.