Microsoft IoT Code Camp - Calgary

So today Microsoft came to Calgary to do an IoT Code Camp for the Calgary .Net User Group and as always, booked solid with eager .Net developers. I have to admit I was very interested in how Microsoft was going to do this camp as basically it is devices with Azure and so the question is what device platform were they going to use. Now this is a first run of the camp as Calgary has a huge .Net User Group and I’ve been doing IoT and device presentations in Calgary for a long time so Calgary is the best place on the planet to do a first run of this camp. So what did the Microsoft Tech Evangelist Mickey Macdonald hand out as the device platform, drum roll please, Gadgeteer!!! Hell ya, brought the good stuff, used my latest version of Connect The Dots code and we were rocking Azure big time with everyone being a happy camper with working projects. So a huge score for everyone as they got to see Azure rocking data and how massively cool and powerful Gadgeteer is, so now Microsoft will be taking this code camp on the road and showing off Gadgeteer and Azure everywhere.


This is fantastic. Was it spider?

Spiders it was. I brought some project boards with Wifi modules and Microsoft brought Ethernet module kits so Azure got the full meal treatment from Gadgeteer today. I made a recommendation that they upgrade their kits to wifi modules as its just easier they carrying around switches and cables etc. I also suggested project boards as much as I love the ‘spider’ aspect of Gadgeteer, I really love the tidy structure mounting everything on project boards gives.

In the code, for data transfers, are you using sockets directly or any of the http stuff? Or even the gadgeteer wrappers?

Since the Code Camp was based on the Connect The Dots project, the Gadgeteer device was using AMQP to communicate with the Azure Service Bus with event hubs and then using Stream Analytics displaying the data on a Azure based web site complete with moving averages and alerts.

Its a good project and worth a look over

I’ll try to get my update source for the Gadgeteer devices up, once I figure out how many chickens and goats I need to get code into Git.

I see someone is already moving my code up, so excellent. It removes the need for Toolbox and uses the .NetMF built in TimeServer, uses the TempHumid SI70 module and Light Sense modules, and cleans up the networking stuff a bit, so really just an update and tidy of the code.