Microsoft BUILD

Is about to start!

you there or streaming?

I am there ;D

Nice! I caught a bit of the keynote over lunch. Looks like some major “Metro” UI changes on the way for Windows 8 . Have fun!

I watched a good portion of it also. Microsoft appears to have done a great job at re-inventing Windows. I think this may also be the kickstart that Windows Phone needs. The tight feel and integration of the two feels very natural.

I’m ready to see the first video of someone implementing a “Metro” UI on ChipworkX!

Yah, if you’re a MS koolaid drinkin’ geek (like me)! I thought it was ironic they did the doodle app demo in javascript. Probably to get more ‘them other devs’ to drink up!

It appears that HTML5 and JavaScript are going to become first class languages for Windows Apps. NETMF via JavaScript anyone? :wink: