Microsoft Band $199 at Microsoft US

Might have to see if I can get one next week.


And the link to the device on the Microsoft site

NOTE this device is cross compatible which makes it hugely unique.

Wonder if it has any Gadgeteer sockets on it :slight_smile:

Did @ Gary design this? I see no way you can comfortably rotate this screen to read it the right way up.

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Are you on Gary’s list already?

You will be now.

LOL :clap:

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… shoot … can only be bought in the states … for now … they have to optimize their global presence a bit … the ms store here couldn’t even tell me when, if at all, it will be coming to mainland europe … :’( :’(

@ hagster - @ Dave McLaughlin, yep he’s made it to the official list! :whistle:

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Underside of the wrist, not on top, so should be plenty readable, assuming they’re using a good sunlight-readable screen.

@ PiWi - Buy something from our website, I will go to the MS store and then ship it to you! :think:

Gangster style!

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For me, don’t like the orientation and I don’t like the price for a fitness device.

Also, don’t like the fact it’s not waterproof (even if only for 33 feet).

Otherwise I do like it, not as much as a Radius mind you :wink:

Image from: Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health: The $199 all-platform fitness band | Ars Technica

I’ll wait for Justin’s version of the Band. :slight_smile:


Depends on which list your on :slight_smile:

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One upon a time there was a watch called Agent !

I can’t help but think these “watches” are a solution looking for a problem. If you can’t be bothered (as I can’t) to go out and exercise, I doubt that a $200 wristband will change that.

Maybe I’m wrong.

I can’t found any official information online but …

It’s based on a ARM Cortex-M4 MCU so the only well known Microsoft OS/platform used could be .Net Micro Framework. The Cortex-M4 hasn’t the MMU so it can’t support RTOS like Windows Embedded Compact … and of course Windows 8 (even if version for “IoT”) :slight_smile:

Any information about that ?


@ andre.m

Of course when I said “not support RTOS like Windows CE…” I spoke only about Windows CE not “lightweight” RTOS like FreeRTOS, RTX Keil, MQX Freescale, TinyOS, Contiki, RIOT and so on.

I didn’t think the possibility that Microsoft used a non Microsoft OS/Platform to make this product but of course it’s possible. :slight_smile:

However Agent Smartwatch (from Secret Labs) uses .Net Micro Framework …

I saw a post that C was used. Our runtime is straight ANSI C. No comment on anything else mentioned:) | Hacker News

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@ Brett

I can’t find any reference to Microsoft Band …

@ ppatierno - click 'parent’s a few times. It is about the band.