Micropython on the brainpad

Hi everyone,
I have a brainpad and i tried to flash it with micropython based on the instructions on the installing micropython on the brainpad. I flashed the device but when i plug it it does not create a virtual serial interface or COM port on my machine.

Has anyone been able to install micropython ? which version did you use and are you able to communicate with it using REPL ?


@Bauland done some experimenting with micropython and created firmware for brainpad2 too.

Thank you again for your quick responses. I appreciate this community so much . Where you can post and get help from amazing people .


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Firmware can be found here: firmware

Firmware is provided with no warranties ! :grinning:


thanx a lot

thank you so much :slight_smile: i will give this a try tonight. Really appreciate it.

this actually worked i uploaded the firmware into my brain pad and it was detected. This is amazing.

You made my week :slight_smile:


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@Bauland , @mmaldonado

tested with Thonny IDE 3.2.7 and Thonny IDE 3.3.0b2 and work pretty well

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this is awesome :slight_smile: , yeah i tested this using Mobaterm using python via the terminal and also by creating a file inside the created drive :slight_smile: thinks worked . very excited about the posibilities.

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