MFUpdate for STM32F4

So, here is what I would like to do and am wondering if it is possible.

My custom design includes a STM32F4 with NETMF 4.3.1 QEF2 using the Mountaineer MFUpdate dll. I don’t however have any on-board flash (no room). But my application is only 55K. What I would like to do is to load my new app into the lower 128K block of the application flash and tell MFUpdate to update the application from that location. Possible? Sure would be sweet if it was.

You can load your app from SD or USB if you have one attached.

I do have USB for initial manufacturing flash but I want the in-field update to be user independent. My app has the capability to download wirelessly the new app into the lower 128K application block. I just need MFUpdate to be able to install the new app from that location. I know the Mountaineer boards have MFUpdate capability using their external flash, I just want to be able to use the on-board flash memory instead.

Sounds to me like you’re going to need to engage Cuno and the Oberon team for some custom work