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MFDeploy failing in managed bootloader



I’ve just update the SDK to the latest version and I was rebuilding my projects.
Updated tinybooter, all projects refs, everything compiles OK.
No issues with “normal” applications.
For the managed bootloader app: it compiles, VS2010 deploys OK and I can single step in debug, looks OK.
But when going to MF Deploy to get the managed bootloader app for distribution it gives the error “Device has unsupported configuration”.
Not sure what could be the problem.
It was working fine with the previous SDK version with the same procedure.
It is an Embedded Master board.

Appreciate your help on this.


When you do this, are you in TinyBooter mode first? I mean reset while holding up&down buttons.
Then look at screen, what do you see?
Next, do ping, do you get anything back?
Next, do create deployment.



I’m not on tinybooter mode, just using the board in VS2010 like always do.
This is the production board, there is no screen.

I’m pretty sure that the system is bootloader mode as I have this code at the very beginning of Main and it does not stop when debugging. Apart that I can see from the LED blinks that it doing what is supposed to.

            if (SystemUpdate.GetMode() != SystemUpdate.SystemUpdateMode.Bootloader)
                throw new InvalidOperationException("We must be in bootloader mode!");


You have to reset into TinyBooter to get the application correctly… (reset while holding up&down buttons).