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MFdeploy accidently pressed erased


Hi guys, i have just got a Fez Panda 2 and i was following the tutorial. Instead of pinging the device in MFdeploy i accidentally pressed erased and now the red LED on the FEZ no more blinks it is constantly on. What have i done? and how do i reverse it.

Thanks alot


OK, i was being a real noob; realized what i did; sorry for posting.


Do not worry in future, you can always recover your device


thanks for the swift response; but how do i recover it?


i am working on a project that requires me to process 5 encoders; and some calculations for motor control. However it was skipping a few pulses; i was using CodeVision Avr and a atmega 1280. A friend recommended me to use the fez panda and said i should catch on to c sharp quickly. Will i have problems running the 5 encoders? I would think no because of 72Mhz crystal compared to a 16Mhz. I could be wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks


FEZ runs NETMF which is very different than doing raw native programming. In few days using FEZ you will understand more about the pluses and minuses.


you asked about “recover it”. Well the good news is you only erased the default “blink a LED” application that a standard board comes with. What you need to do is write your own app and deploy it from Visual Studio. If you create a new project for Panda II, the default project template has a blinky LED so just deploy that and you should see the exact same app.

As Gus said, go through the examples and you’ll understand Fez/netmf pretty quickly. But remember, netmf on its own is NOT real time. Do a search on encoders on the forum and you might get some good tips.