Message from Xbee could not received by FEZ spider when using also HttpListener

I’m trying to make a communication between FEZ spider and LCD using Xbee, and at the same time with a browser.
When Http Server thread (which use HttpListener) is not launched, Xbee function run correctly. Every 1 second FEZ spider receive message from LCD and display it in the debugger. But when HttpListener is running, xbee_MessageReceived() function is not called.

Some times Spider receives the message when I refresh the html page in browser.
Same behaviour with Xbee sending message from spider to LCD.

What am I doing wrong ?

Please refer to attached file.

I did this:

        void ProgramStarted()
            xBeeTimer.Tick += new GT.Timer.TickEventHandler(xBeeTimer_Tick);
            Debug.Print("IP Address assigned !!!");

            Thread t = new Thread(new ThreadStart(ThreadProc));

        private void ThreadProc()
                // Now everything is ok with the Network, launch the Http Server thread...
                Debug.Print("HttpServer launched");
            catch (Exception e)

But I have the same behaviour

ListenTimer_Tick and xBeeTimer_Tick are not work except if I refresh the page !..

I’m using HttpListener in the synchronous model. This block while waiting for a client request. Using the synchronous model, call the GetContext method, which waits for a client to send a request

Finally when I run ListenTimer_Tick function in new thread it work :slight_smile: