Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year to everybody!

The same to you Architect, thank you!

I too wish you all a wonderfully blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Same to one and all,

Have Happy Holidays and a great New Year. :slight_smile:

Marty Christmas to you and to every single member in this amazing community.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!

Even those whose iDevices have quirky auto-correct. :smiley:

Merry Christmas, all!

Hoping you’re all done with your shopping, and ready (like I am) to start the daunting task of wrapping). :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas fellow Gadgeteers and a happy and prosperous New Year to all.

Hopefully over the holiday season you will find some time to kick back and relax and enjoy some Gadgeteer play time. I know I have and hopefully I can get some more time to put together a code share or two.

The next year should be very interesting for Gadgeteer so I’m excited for 2013.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry X-Mass to everyone, and remember, if you drink: don’t drive !!!

I would add, if you drink, don’t solder.


Ditto on the holiday wishes to everyone… whatever you choose to celebrate. We’re supposed to get over a foot of snow in the next couple of days - going to hunker down with my son and play with our new toys :slight_smile:

@ Everyone
Merry Christmas and happy new year!


How else am I supposed to keep my hands from shaking?

Yay, santa left me a new Hakko soldering iron! Woot !!

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas- wettest one in Sydney in 70 years here

In Belgium too, wettest December month since a long time. It rained here almost every day of December till now.