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Not sure if this should go in Off Topic, Gadgeteer or Suggestions forum… :slight_smile:


Sign me up! XL 3 shirts please.


+1 :wink:


Nice! My preference is for (small-ish) embroidered logos on shirts like this. They cost a little more but last much longer.

I recently contacted the same company that Adafruit uses for their badges and stickers about doing small volumes of some custom badges and/or club shirts. Their pricing was decent and the quality is excellent. Let me know if you want the contact info.


+1 for embroidered version


Sign me up! I’m doing a Gadgeteer presentation in April and would love to be sporting one of these. An OSH logo on the sleeve would be a nice touch.


and for us (so far) non gadgeteer-ers, how bout a picture of a Fez Panda and “No it’s not a @ #%&^ Arduino !”

(edited for grammar - can’t let that get on a shirt can we ! Thanks Ian :slight_smile: )


Watch your language there, Brett! It should be “a” not “an” :wink:




I wonder when GHI adds a merchandising category to the webshop.

Maybe the can offer a kit, with the shirt, a fez hat with GHI logo and underwear with the OSH logo on the front :wink:


Almost what you want


Iron Monkey? :wink:


@ devhammer - oh yeah! that T is a chic magnet!


Gus, is that monkey shirt part of the corporate uniform? :wink:


You could add on the sleeve
Dr.Who says [quote]Fezzes are cool[/quote]
He did actually say that too.



@ Misha - Just put “bvWYw0CnuSI” between the video tags :wink:


Yes, got it. You’re way to fast with posting, changed it direct after posting. Are you a robot, damn :wink:

I hope we will never see a video showing “our” FEZzes being shot…


Gus is the only robot on this forum :wink:

But FEZs that shoot are always fun!


Yep, like he said “FEZ is cool” lol and the best netmf board you will ever have :stuck_out_tongue: