Meet LoRa

The future of the Internet Of Things


These long range, low power low bandwidth(sorrno beating physics) radios could be a real game changer if it takes off. What they need is a big roll out of base stations to make it happen. And as the radios are so cheap and low power too this is not like 3G.

The big test will be how they scale with densely packed environments.

Here a link to source code against an STM32L152 discovery board using Lora …

and the accompanying blog entry for DIY prototype for testing LoRa SX1272 RF technology

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Very interesting!

Pity that during my Blitz visit of Electronica last week I didn’t stop at the Microchip booth…

@ Cuno - With 12 halls of exhibitors it was hard to visit them all :wink:

Yes, and this in only three hours… The rest of the two days I attended, and gave a talk at, the Wireless Congress.