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Medusa Mini socket 2 pin 4 is staying high


I’m running simple a button example, trying out all three sockets on medusa mini. On sockets #1 and #3 everything is ok. On socket #2 the button’s LED flashes while the mainboard wakes up then stays on. The joystick module seems to work on socket #2 (x=0-100, y=0-99). The Temp&Humidity on socket #2 doesn’t work and gives ERROR 17-0.

The button example:

 #include <Wire.h>
 #include <SPI.h>

 #include <Gadgeteering.h>
 #include <Mainboards/FEZMedusaMini.h>
 #include <Modules/Button.h>
using namespace gadgeteering;
using namespace gadgeteering::mainboards;
using namespace gadgeteering::modules;
fez_medusa_mini board;

button* my_button;

void setup()
 my_button = new button(2); // mainboard socket 3

void loop()
 if (my_button->is_pressed()) 
   Serial.println("LED ON ... ");
   Serial.println("LED OFF");


Just verified that there is no short on MedusaMini socket #2 between pins 2 & 4.

Arduino 1.5.6-r2.
Gadgeteering Package 2013 R1.