Measure the width of a string (drawn using Bitmap.DrawText)


Is there a way to measure the width of a string drawn with Bitmap.DrawText ?
In the full framework there’s Graphics.MeasureString … is there something like this in the MF ?

DrawText returns the width of text in pixels


I just checked… it returns void …
Also… if I want to know the width of the text so I can create a Bitmap instance with that width.

Are we talking about the same class.

Ìn the past it was supported though:

public int DrawText (
         string text,
         int xPos,
         int yPos,
         Font font

So they must have provided a new way to do it right?

Yes, you are right. That one is obsolete. Try ComputeExtent from the Font class:


That makes more sense as well
as now you can measure the text before you create the bitmap to hold it.

Did not think to look there.

Life saver!