mBuino Robot projects - show us please

Anyone doing robot control with the mBuino? If so please share some details and pictures.

I’m working on basic elements of robot control with a LPC1768 and will convert these to work with the mBUino. But this is one of many projects so it will be sometime before I get it to a robot stage.

Eric :open_mouth:

@ DaddyOh - Good idea. I’ve got a Rover 5 platform I’ve not touched in a while, along with a Magician chassis (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12866). Might be fun to do some experiments with those with mBuino.

I’ve got a home built (but very large) frame out of actobotics (servocity) parts and also a 4WD dfrobot platform. I’m on the hunt for a small 200RPM to 400RPM motor with quadrature encoders. The motors I have on my large frame are just too wide to move down to the dfrobot platform.

Maybe I should design something out of acrylic and have a laser cutting service cut it.