Mbuino questions

So, if you connect it via USB it’s supposed to show as a drive in windows, yes?

I plug mine in and get the lovely dancing rainbow of lights, but the OS has no idea anything is there…
Also, it isn’t visible on mbed.org as a platform is there another way to program it?

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I ran into the same thing:


Long story short: hold down the tiny reset button

For programming see this post:

Long story short: They (mBed) are working on an issue regarding this, so for the time being use the LPC11U24.

  1. You are an awesome human being (or further evolved creature).
  2. It worked!


Glad it worked. But there’s only 1 superhuman around here … and that’s where I got my help from! :wink:

(see the poster’s forum ranking who provided the info in the 2nd link )

With the battery is it safe to plug into USB power? Or do I need to remove the coin battery when plugged in?

@ Dr9 - It is safe to leave battery in. There is a diode on there for protection.