mBuino Fritzing

Will be making this one for Fritzing (makes nice images for blog posts).
Found my long time ago started script that converts Eagle brd into Fritzing part. Tried it in Eagle 7 - it still works!



@ Architect - Is this done yet? If so, how would one get it in Fritzing?

@ devhammer - Let me clean it up and I will upload it somewhere.

Sounds good, thanks!

Do you know if there are fritzing parts for other GHI offerings? I know you did some for Panda/Panda II and a couple of other boards, but wondering if there are any for the newer GHI offerings.

Not that I know of. But if there is, which one would you like to see first :wink:

Probably Cerbuino Bee, as that’s my current go-to Gadgeteer board. Spider is, of course, another fave. :slight_smile:

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This is what I love about this forum. Every time I visit here I learn about something cool or usefull that I did not know about before. Today I discoved Fritzing… looks like really nice way to create nice pictures for documentation.

@ Architect Wow, I’m really happy to have discovered Fritzing. This is ideal for creating images for documentation. But now you have tickled my interest with that script that you talked about to convert Eagle boards into Fritzing board. Are you willing to share that as well by any chance?

I like Fritzing. I will definetly make Eagle script available. I just need to finish it. Add more options for color selections and other settings. Finalize part generation with accordance of the latest fritzing specification.

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Thank you very much. By the way, I did some googling and found this:

It might be of interest or use to you. It is C source code to also convert Eagle to Fritzing components. I’m at the moment trying to download Qt which is needed to compile it (they do not seem to include compiled binaries)

Aargh! I just cannot manage to get the eagle2fritzing C++ project to compile and have wasted enough time on this to make me pull my hair out. Things that appears trivial at first glance, hardly ever are. @ Architect, it looks like I would be much better waiting until you release your scripts for this. Looking forward to it.

ping…doing some mbuino stuff…